Tibetan Incense in Europe

Tibetan incense has become one of the popular incenses and is now available in many locations other than Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. Known to have the purest natural components, around 20 to 100 ingredients in one item, it plays an important role in Tibetan medicine. As prescribed in ancient Tibetan texts, the ingredients are hand-picked from the Himalayan highlands following a strict schedule and then manually processed to make different forms of Tibetan incense. All the herbs, roots, minerals and aromatic plants combine to make incense without a bamboo core. When burned, Tibetan incense produces a pungent, earthy scent that is used as an aid in meditation, aromatherapy, acupuncture, yoga, and mind and body relaxation.

In Western countries, including the UK, Tibetan incense is available in different forms or shapes. The Tibetan stick incense is quite popular because it does not have a bamboo stick core, meaning it burns for much longer. Another form that is hand-made in large quantities is the rope or string incense. It is made of powdered aromatic herbs, spices and woods wrapped in slow burning paper and twisted into a rope. A dhoop is incense without a core and it refers to more than one type of incense. Many Tibetan incenses in the form of cones are described as dhoop.  Powdered Tibetan incense may contain just one, or as many as fifty different ingredients such as cedar, resins, juniper, and sage. It may be flammable already and can be used for making powder or incense trails which are lit on one end.

There are many other forms available in the UK as well, but these are the most common types of Tibetan incense and you can find them practically everywhere. You can find a wide range of Tibetan incenses in our store, where you will also find more information about the uses of Tibetan incense and their benefits.